Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Why 3 Star Umrah Package fits on everyone budget

There are many Muslims who cannot fulfill the Desire of performing Umrah because they think that it would be extremely costly. Well, if your interventions for performing Umrah really true then you must put your head into some research and you should gather information about different types of Umrah packages so that you can opt-out for the best package according to your budget. 

Different types of Umrah packages: 

Let's get started and know what are the different types of packages being offered by travel agencies these days: 

  • 3-Star Umrah Package: 

It is the most basic package that is cheaper as compared to all other packages available for Umrah. If you have been looking for some budget-friendly package for Umrah then you should opt for 3-star Umrah Package. 

  • 4-Star Umrah package: 

This is an Umrah package that is advanced as compared to 3-star Umrah package. It offers much better services than that one but you have to keep in your mind the price of this package as 4-star Umrah package is expensive as compared to 3-star package. 

  • 5-Star Umrah Package

The most expensive Umrah package as compared to all others is the 5-star Umrah package. Although it is costly but is a luxurious package that offers a big variety of services. If you can afford the price for this Umrah package then you will feel very comfortable in your Umrah journey to Saudi Arabia. 

Why choose 3-Star Umrah Package? 

We have already discussed 3-star Umrah packages and about its pros and cons. The advantage of this package is that it is budget-friendly and almost everyone can afford it. If you have small savings in your hand that you can spend on Umrah then this package is the best for you. You will have heard that “you get what you pay for”. You will not be paying more for this package and in the same way; you should not expect big variety of services in it. 

5-Star Umrah package or even 4-star Umrah package 2020 is usually for people belonging to the allied class who look for facilities in everything however that doesn’t matter. Even the services of 3-star Umrah package are good if you buy it from a well-reputed and registered Umrah travel agency. The reason why this package is economical is because of the far away accommodation from Masjid-al-Haram. Hotels near Masjid-Al-Haram are usually booked for those who have 4-star and 5-star Umrah packages. 

If you have a limited budget to perform Umrah then rather than focusing on facilities you should focus on fulfilling your desire of visiting those holy places in Saudi Arabia. Allah gives reward for intentions but not for the facilities that you will be buying. People around you might discourage you from buying 3-star Umrah package but you should not pay much attention to their words. Once you will reach that holy place, you will forget every other thing but your focus will only be on seeing those places.

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