Friday, February 1, 2019

The Amazing Reward of Patience

Patience is mentioned among the greatest virtues. It is one of those traits which have become quite rare and you cannot easily see them in a person but those who have patience surely leads a successful life. The time period in which you remain patient, matters a lot. Some has beautifully said that: “Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to wait. In fact it is the ability to maintain a good attitude while you are waiting”. This amazingly sums up the definition of patience which we all might not know. The religion Islam has shown us numerous examples of patience so that we can learn from those examples and can implement them in our life. The beauty of Islam is that it allows the Muslims to follow the best traits of humankind by giving them proper guidelines for that.

 Patience can be seen in many cases. For instance, a person went for the sacred obligation of Umrah through Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages From UK where he has been waiting to go for a long time. This shows how important is to keep faith in Allah SW who always fulfill the desires of people when the right time comes for that. Whenever we desire for something, and show patience to get that instead to using wrong methods, then surely Allah gives us that thing if it’s better for us. And if that thing is not given to us then we must know that it was probably not good for us because Allah knows what is right for us and what is not good in our benefit.

Those who remain patient always get the sweetest reward ever. Patience give you the power to react in the most appropriate way no matter how harsh the situation is. Whether we are capable of being strong enough to fight with a situation or not, we must remain patience because it will always bear a sweet fruit in the end. Those visiting the holy land by Cheap Umrah Packages Including Flights should pray to Allah Almighty that may He give the patience to all the Muslims who are dealing with different kinds of issues and problems in life. Patience opens the door towards the most amazing paths which ultimately takes us to our goals which we have been desiring since a long time but unable to get due to the rush and haste that stops us from being patient in life.

 Being kind and compassionate can give a long term happiness to the person. You are able to forgive the mistakes of others and that way Allah Subhana Watallah forgives your mistake and bless you with great rewards. We should try our best to be kind with other people so that they can be kind with us in return. While doing Umrah in December via December Umrah packages 2019 you are supposed to praise Allah Almighty. There is no doubt that praising Allah has a huge reward but we should also love the people for the sake of Allah. No doubt that those who love the creations of Allah Almighty get the love of people in return. This world would become such a beautiful place to live in if you are creating an atmosphere of peace and serenity, where everyone is living with each other with kindness and compassion and no one is having any feeling of grudge or jealousy for the other person.


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